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DCU State Broadcaster rolls into top 3 awards for independent reviews

Posted by rsmash on September 12, 2013 at 8:05 PM

Communications Federation: Yesterday evening, the state television producer DJFM Industries Television (DJFM-ITV) came in the top 3 of two awards for contributions made to "The Sprout" which is a user-fed reviewers magazine made of independent producers, artists and contributors. DJFM-ITV gained 2nd place in the "Video of the Year" category for the short 'Autism in Popular Culture' feature, and 3rd place in the "Best Review" cateogory for the multi-format (typed, audio and video versions) review of the autism theatre production 'Matthew's Passion' - both awards have shown the pioneering realms of both DJFM-ITV and Radio SMASH International, as well as the jewel in the crown of acheivements made by the DCU nation. For more information on the state broadcaster, visit

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