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Point Cook Independence starts to create impact in Victoria

Posted by rsmash on April 29, 2015 at 3:55 AM

Radio SMASH International: (Point Cook, Victoria, Australia) Developments are moving fast for the community of Point Cook, whom set down a challange to the Australian Government, Victorian Government and Wyndham City Councils to offer them a referendum to be granted Sovreign Nation Status for failings in political policy. Two announcements have been confirmed from the authorities in Victoria, stating that the premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews, said “I don’t want to see any community feeling that they are not being listened to” and at roughly 2:00am DCU Standard Time, announced (without reference to Point Cook directly) a river crossing is to be constructed alongside a major road network to the community by 2020 (costing AUS$5.5bn approx or £2.9bn approx).

A petition meanwhile continues to build and there seems to be no sign of faultering by the independence movement." target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

The DCU Supreme Commander noted that "this is the most recent case where micronations have played a part in the lives of a community in Austrailia - As a continent, it has had time to study from the past. With more people moving to micronations providing the solutions, as well as calls for more independence from bigger nations by the likes of Scotland, Catalonia and so on, Point Cook has put itself on the map to become like Hutt River over the extraordinary injustices that had been put on them in a peaceful, lawful and effective campaign that is unique in history."

The DCU Government has stated that whilst the events themselves are moving towards a positive outcome, it is unsure what message the Victorian Government are sending to Point Cook with their rash of decisions that seem to have been 'pre-prepared' and 'viable solutions for the wider State of Victoria that should have been implimented due to the superiority and cost-effectiveness of it compared to other construction plans on the table". The DCU Government has said it will consider granting diplomatic recognition, as the DCU can offer much experience since "there are many challanges that such a young micronation with real-world issues that it needs to tackle quickly upon independence if it becomes necercery to do so"

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