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Historic re-broadcast tests for 24 yrs of radio production

Posted by rsmash on November 2, 2015 at 12:00 AM

Radio SMASH International: Tonight, the day after the day of mourning, the state broadcaster began tests for a historic re-transmission of its programming, commemmorating nearly 24 years on DCU Day 2015 of programme production, made to the former DCU Capital tonight. Tests have been monitored and commented as being 'excellent'.

The actual casts are being coined as "Radio SMASH 24", in commemoration to the historic day - and to be repeated across the DCU Regions of Influence, especially with the addition of DCU Deheubarth from next weekend onwards.

It also sees the official end of mourning for the Supreme Commander's Grandmother, who was influencial in his development of the DCU State Broadcaster with the giving of a gift of a tape recorder on his birthday on December 21st 1991 (nearly 24 years ago)


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