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Historic 2 Programmes on 1 stereo Broadcast Pilot a success

Posted by rsmash on May 30, 2017 at 10:40 PM

Radio SMASH International this morning in the DCU Capital, accomplished transmitting two simultaneous seperate archive programmes via FM Stereo under its test what it described as The 'Stereo 2' Hour - It is both a micronational broadcasting first and a world first, proving that it is possible to acceptably seperate and air two programmes simultaneously over the same stereo transmitter to stereophonic receivers. (a disclaimer that monaural FM receivers would not be able to seperate the two channels and would hear both programmes at the same time)

The results of the test, whilst noticing particularly some limited 'bleeding' of each channel into each other (particularly on the left-hand channel), that it was less affected by speech-only programmes than musical parts, which indicates that due to the stereo subcarrier behaviour that sound files can be modified to get FM stereo decoders to mitigate for the problem by underlying an inverted sound wave of the opposite channel's signal into the pre-broadcast master recording.

Radio SMASH International believes the success of the test shows the potential in the future to diversify the delivery options for programmes micronationally.

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