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Radio SMASH Received 2 shortwave signals 2001-02

Posted by rsmash on June 1, 2017 at 9:10 AM

Radio SMASH Received 2 shortwave signals 2001-02

Radio SMASH International received two shortwave signals of interest on its monitoring exercises, explained below

In 2001, Radio SMASH International was monitoring shortwave signals using a 20-30meter long-wire antenna at it's former Welsh Borders site. Using a Sharpe Shortwave Radio Cassette Corder, a programme on November 10th 2001 was received and recorded, but was not identified. Now, thanks to the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive website, many Short Wave listeners were able back in June of this year to identify the programme, presented by Kim Andrew Elliott, at that time presenting "Communications World" for the Voice of America.

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On July 26th 2002, there was a second shortwave signal identified from the former DCU Capital in Herefordshire:

This was a scheduled repeat of "The Media Zoo" tribute to Howard Rose (founder and editor of "The Radio Magazine"), re-airing archive footage of mainly radio discussion that Howard Rose was involved with. Received in South West Herefordshire, United Kingdom, using a Sharp Shortwave Radio Cassette Corder on 5935kHz Shortwave at 2200UTC approx. Presented by Eric Wiltshire in Riga transmitting the program at 100kW power.

Audio is semi-incomplete due to breakages in the tape, but is for the most part complete, with the intro added at the beginning of the recording that was repeated at least twice during the recording.

The recording in the main is full of banter from various broadcasters, discussing radio broadcasting as part of their tribute to the late Howard Rose, who was the founder and editor of the radio magazine - and being a custodian for promoting deregulation of the UK radio industry.

You can hear this and more here:" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

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