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RS Syrian Crisis Report 29thAug2013
August 29th 2013:
Radio SMASH International produces Special Syrian Crisis Programme as DCU prepares Civil Defense measures in preparation for a potential world war that could be about to start in the Middle East:
July 27th 2013: David Malins reviews the Sherman Theatre drama "Matthew's Passion" (AKA Always question what you think you know about autism) for The and for Radio SMASH International.
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March 30th 2012: The DCU State Broadcaster Radio SMASH International and DCU Com-Fed are proud to present our first micronationally-aimed podcast, featuring an exclusive interview with one of the former cabinet members of the famous second-hand book Kingdom of Hay-On-Wye, after a failed diplomatic mission to speak to the now unrecognised "Commonwealth of Hay" in September 2010 - Right Click and Save As in your browsers - MP3 file size 7.3MB

Archived Podcasts, Programmes & Recordings


The first online version of Radio SMASH International news headlines around the 14th February 2008, highlighting discussions and an interview by the state broadcaster into the independence options for it's partner Glam TV (Wales' first student TV station) after the initial problems of burocracy that would later that year be revealed by the DCU, to be the start of the long-running "Glamorgan Crisis" and the controversy surrounding this. Glam TV eventually became the current All-Wales Independent Community broadcaster WCBF, who works as a loose federation of community broadcasters in Wales.

Around the mid 2000's, Radio SMASH's former sister station Radio Crunch, makes a sign-off announcement at the end of their "Late Late Show", announcing a transfer to Radio SMASH, and stating a full list of frequencies about to be used (through the help of toy transmitters and baby monitors!) to provide a 24 hour service, with a mix of entertainment and discussion.
Radio Crunch Late Show Pilot
First RS MW Broadcast 31st Dec 1998
(First RS MW Broadcast 31st Dec 1998)
BIRTH OF RADIO SMASH (DECEMBER 1998):  After trialling various programme cassettes titled "Radio ZERO", DJFM Industries received it's first AM transmitter in an electronic projects kit. Despite the crudeness and very short transmission distance, not to mention having to quickly reverse-engineer an announcer's microphone from a crystal earphone, in around 6 days, it was decided to start a fully-scheduled broadcast, complete with test sequences and announcements. Finally, on the morning of December 31st 1998, on 530-540kHz MW in Wormbridge, a voice spoke into the crystal earpiece microphone and said "THIS IS RADIO SMASH", with our theme "Why?" by Tracy Chapman playing for the first time live on air (a theme still unchanged since that day). The clip is an excerpt fromt the beginning of that first broadcast and the historic moment when Radio SMASH was born. Also shown on the left is a picture of that very same MW transmitter that is still occassionally used for experimentation purposes in ultra-local broadcasting.